CECE– Spanish Confederation of Education and Training Centres


The Spanish Confederation of Education and Training Centres (CECE) is a not-for-profit organisation for employers and education professionals founded in 1977. It represents the whole educational sector in Spain, from nursery school to university level. It has more than 5000 Education and Training centres among its members.

CECE’s institutional roles are: managing the updating for educational agreements; negotiating the collective agreements for the sector; representing the sector in the collegiate boards with educational participation; institutional presence in the Spanish Employers Organization (CEOE) and in some international organizations where it takes an active role; maintaining relationship and contacts with Education Public Authorities. CECE is member of the following international organizations:  EFVET (European Forum for Technical and Vocational Education and Training), ESHA (European School Headmaster Association) and ECNAIS (European Council of National Associations of Independent Schools).

CECE supports its members in five areas: (1) organisation of lifelong learning courses for teachers; (2) implementation of technological innovation in its members; (3) internationalisation of members; (4) assistance in the implementation of the EFQM Excellence Model in its member organisations; and (5) legal consultancy for members.

CECE´s educational profile has widened since establishing its Foundation (Fundación Ángel Martínez Fuertes) in 1996 which centres its activities on social inclusion through training of unemployed persons, persons over 45, women, the disabled and immigrants.



Selina Martin holds a degree in Law (1998/2002) from the University of Madrid San Pablo CEU with a specialisation in European Community Law. She gained a Baccalaureat from the European School of Brussels and has a Master’s degree in Promotion and Management of Non-profit Organisations from the University Complutense de Madrid. She is currently Project Manager in the Europe Department of CECE and has previously worked in the Press Service of the Council of the European Union, General Secretariat  and in The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, UNHCR, Americas Bureau. She is involved in European framework programmes, cooperation of institutions and organisations and individuals, both in the private and corporate sector.

valle-torregrosa Valle Torregrosa, Head of the Teacher/trainer Training Department of ITE, manages and takes active part in curricula development and detection of teachers´/trainers´ continuous training needs.