One of the goals of the Fair Share project is to develop a training program aiming to improve Fair Trade Entrepreneurs’ capacities. We invite you to JOIN the network and to SHARE your knowledge/experience as well as the resources available to help us raise a collective dynamic around the project. By pooling our knowledge, experience, effort and enthusiasm, we can all contribute to foster Fair Trade initiatives.

The website makes what we do relevant and visible for fair trade entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, schools, teachers, citizens and other actors in order to arise interest and mobilize the community around the Fair Share platform.


  • Teachers and Trainers E-Guidelines

    Teachers and trainers e-guidelines enable the users to understand and use the Fairshare LMS

  • Curriculum Scripts

    The document ‘curriculum scripts’ suggests various learning paths to follow according to various profiles that we identify among the…

  • Fair Trade Pedagogical Model

    The pedagogical model presents the pedagogical approach as well as the contents of the training programme. The obective is…

  • Focus Group Belgium

    Workshop “Training needs in Fair Trade” Workshop “Competence Framework and trainings for Fair Traders”