A Focus Group will be organized in September 2014 in each testing country



Training needs in Fair Trade and Social Economy

A Focus Group will be organized in September 2014 in each testing country.

  • Belgian Focus group was held on June the 25th. All the document are in Dropbox (WP1 – D1.3)
  • Finland Focus Group will probably be in August the 28th;
  1. Fair Trade organizations
  2. Social Economy organizations
  3. professionals in VET
Duration of the meeting 4 or 5 hours
Programme (an example by Belgian Focus Group)
9h – 9h15 Welcome
9h15 – 9h30 1. Introduction (Table tour and short presentation of the Fair Share project)
9h30 – 10h30 2. Which competences are required for the people involved in Fair Trade organisations? Discussion on a competence framework.
10h30 – 11h 3. Which training offer is existing? Overview in Belgium.
11h – 11h15 Break
11h15 – 12h30 4. Which training needs for the people involved in Fair Trade Organisations?
12h30 – 13h Brainstorming “The ideal training programme for FTOs”
13h Lunch
REPORT: The local partner will send to AGICES a report about Focus Group.


  • Italian Focus Group will be in October the 12th;
  • Spain and UK should set their local focus group by the end of July.

The Local Focus Groups will serve the purpose of gathering existing knowledge and perceptions among local communities, via involving a representative number of local stakeholders and professionals in SE and FT, and VET informing them about the project goals, and requesting their feedback and opinion on the local needs, gaps and possibilities. The Focus Groups will be the first step to involve the main target groups that will be trained and involved in the piloting as FT developers and innovators. The participants of the Focus Groups will later participate in the pilot trainings.

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