Laurea (Greater Helsinki region, Finland) is a research and development oriented University of Applied Sciences (UAS) that focuses on service innovations, which produces high-quality professional competence. Laurea counts approximately 500 staff members and 8000 students. Laurea’s focus areas of Service Business, Expertise in nursing and Coping at Home, and Security and Social responsibility provide a platform for research, co-designing, testing, assessing, modelling, implementing and distributing various service innovations. The design and development of services is a shared RDI process between companies, the public sector and Laurea, in which research, development, innovation and commercialization are implemented as a reflective continuum.

heikki-seppalaHeikki Seppälä is a project manager in Laurea who has over four years of experience in international research and development projects. His main interests are in user centric design, especially in web-development.

“The Fair Share project provides perfect possibility to create a learning platform that will be developed in direct collaboration with the key stakeholders, and therefore enabling us to produce a service that has the users at the centre of focus. I also feel that it is important to support sustainable, ethically sound business by giving it more visibility” 

rob-moonenRob Moonen is working at Laurea as a ‘Senior Manager, RDI’ and has multiple years of experience in International Project Management, Service Business Innovation and Design, Funding Applications, Global Business Development, Start-ups, and Global Sourcing and Talent Management.  During the past four years he was responsible for the management of two international ITEA2 (European leadership in Software-intensive Systems and Services) projects which focused on designing user driven service innovations.

lauri-majuriLauri Majuri, is a web developer in Laurea who has been working on international development projects since 2013. He has over three years’ experience in front-end web development.

“Laurea values corporate social responsibility high and I share this ideology. During our studies in Laurea, we already looked carefully into these matters in our study courses and it was a real wake-up call for me. Everyone can do one’s part, on making the world a better place to live.”