Monimbò is a Fair Trade Organisation (FTO) committed to building a fair and peace oriented economy as a sustainable alternative to the conventional one. It promotes social participation as a tool for active change in order to create a new civil consciousness that centres around people.

Monimbò was established in Perugia in 1992. Now it is a not-for-profit social cooperative with almost 300 affiliated individuals and an annual turnover of EUR 400.000. Monimbò is a member of CTM Altromercato (the most important FTO in Italy and one of the most important in Europe) and is also member of Agices. Monimbò has been certified as a FTO by the Agices monitoring system and is therefore enrolled in the Italian Register of Fair Trade Organisations.

Key activities of Monimbò are: managing three worldshops; wholesale selling of Fair Trade products; organising awareness campaigns; and managing educational and training activities in schools in order to spread and disseminate FT principles and criteria.

With reference to educational activities in the schools of Umbria Region, in the last 5 years Monimbò has reached thousands of students, experimenting with innovative educational tools and methodologies in order to facilitate the transfer and dissemination of FT subject matters and contents.         

michele stellaMichele Stella has more than 15 years’ experience in social economy issues and particularly with issues concerning Fair Trade organisations. From 1998 to 2005 he worked in Consorzio abn – a consortium of more than 40 social cooperatives – where he was responsible for the Planning and Development office. In the Fair Trade sector, he has been member of the board of Monimbò for the last 10 years and president since 2008. He has been member of the board of Agices and is currently a member of the project committee of Consorzio CTM Altromercato. Michele is also member of the Fair Trade regional committee of Umbria Region, established in accordance with Regional Law n.3/2007.

“As a Fair trade operator I realised that FTOs need to improve their professional and managing skills and competences in order to respond to the market challenges and reach a complete sustainability. I am sure that Fair Share can play a significant role in offering a useful training toolkit for this purpose”.

silvia-francarioSilvia Francario is a fiction writer in the grant proposal genre! Silvia’s gateway experience with “co-funded projects” was about 14 years ago at the time she got the first NGO assignment in Kosovo. Since then, she is nurturing a project-based planning approach as an enjoyable and straightforward method to address complexity, to promote responsible change and commitment in human behaviours and beliefs, in the logic of co-construction and co-development of an inclusive and sustainable social, environmental and economic life. Currently she works as grant proposal writer and coordinator primarily with European research and innovation entities.

“Within the Fair-Share environment I will act as grant proposal coordinator, the technical alter-ego of the scientific manager, Michele Stella! I will enthusiastically and imaginatively dedicate myself to highlighting and capitalising the existing work, resources and collaborations brought to the Fair-Share by its partners to further develop innovative and effective ways of addressing current social and economic challenges as a stepping-stone for accessing new opportunities.”